• Andreas Vollenweider: harps, gu-cheng, ethnic winds, voice
  • Walter Keiser: drums, percussion, programming, sound FX
  • Daniel Kueffer: wind instruments, percussion, keyboards, accordion, voice
  • Isabel Gehweiler: cello, voice, keyboards, percussion
  • Oliver Keller: guitars and other stringed instruments of all kinds

These sounds of hope and confidence have never been more important

 After many years, Vollenweider returns to Poland to celebrate the special bond he has had with the people here for decades.

The interest of the listeners of Vollenweider’s music was overwhelming when, after more than ten years without public appearances, concerts finally took place again, starting in the summer of 2022. It motivated people in large numbers to make an effort to travel from all corners of the globe to the Vollenweider concerts, once again on 8 and 9 October 2023, at the KKL Lucerne. See an excerpt on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7nXBmke0Ekk

But what is it about Andreas Vollenweider’s music that touches the hearts of millions around the globe, maintaining its profound significance for over four decades? In a world that has seen countless changes throughout all these years, his music remains a steadfast beacon of hope and confidence, which is especially needed in our turbulent times.

The legendary album “CAVERNA MAGICA” from 1983 forms the framework of the current programme, which will be complemented by the most significant songs from all of Vollenweider’s works.

Once again, the excellent musicians will unleash the magic of this music: touching, intimate, emotional, peaceful, fascinatingly unusual, from feather-light to stirringly virtuosic, soothing and powerful at the same time…  Immersing ourselves in this unique world of sound rekindles positive energy and motivation. And this is precisely what Andreas Vollenweider and his music became world-famous for.

More information: www.vollenweider.com, FB, Instagram, TikTok


Sektor I

Parter rz. 1-10 Balkon rz. 1A, 2A
330 zł

Sektor II

Parter rz. 11-17 Balkon rz. 1-5
280 zł

Sektor III

Parter rz. od 18
220 zł


23 października 2024 środa, g. 20.00 Klub Stodoła
24 października 2024 czwartek, g. 20.00 Klub Stodoła